Are you looking for party tent and canopy Rentals?

Top Quality Party Designs & Rental Inc. has tents and canopies available for rent in a variety of sizes and colors, depending on the event you are hosting and the amount of people you are expecting.

We can’t control the weather, but you can make sure there’s no rain on your event or on sunny hot days you have the right cover to protect you and your guests from the unpleasant weather.

Size’s Available:
l0'xl0', 15'x15', 20'x20', 30'x30, 40'x40', 50'x50′

10′x Expandable 10′xl5′, l0′x20′ to 10′x l00′
15′x Expandable 15′x20′, 15′x25′ to 15′xl00′
20′x Expandable 20′x25′, 20′x30′ to 20′xl00′
30′x Expandable 30′x40′, 30′x50′ to 30′x100′
40′x Expandable 40′x50’, 40′x 60′ to 40′x100′
50′x Expandable 50′x50’, 50′x 60′ to 50′x120′

All Sizes Available

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